Attendee Information

Information for Virtual Registrants/Attendees


To register for the conference, please visit and click the button for Virtual lMPS 2020 reigstration.

Once you have registered for the Virtual IMPS, to access the content of the conference you will also need to create an ExOrdo account. The account can be created at When you create this account, please use the same email address that you used to register.

Once you have an account created, the conference itself (including the OnDemand access to prerecorded talks) is available at

The homepage at has options listed at the top as “Home”, “Live”, “OnDemand” and “Discover.”  The homepage will be used to post announcements related to the conference as well as featured talks and meetings. Below are descriptions of the other options.

Thanks for your registration for the first ever Virtual IMPS.  We hope you enjoy the conference!



The “Live” option is where you will access the live sessions themselves, which will begin on July 14.  Note that there are four rooms (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4) where the live sessions will occur.  At the time of those sessions, you can simply click within the box of the corresponding room to enter that session as an attendee. The live sessions will be run using Cisco WebEx. Cisco WebEx will be installed if you are accessing a Live Stage room for the first time.  You can also “Browse Lineup” for each Stage to see what sessions will occur there.


On Demand

With the virtual setup, a significant part of the conference experience happens before the meeting itself, so we hope you will take time to view the various presentations that have been uploaded.  Please note that the keynote, invited, and dissertation award talks will only occur live, so there will not be presentation materials posted for these talks.



The “Discover” option gives the ability to search the program for particular presentations, sessions or authors.  The sessions are arranged into “Bundles” by format type, and are organized as poster parallel sessions, oral parallel sessions, and spotlight talks. The schedule of talks can also be downloaded as a pdf.

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