Career Award

Career Award for Lifetime Achievement


The Career Award for Lifetime Achievement honors individuals whose publications, presentations, and professional activities over a career have had a widespread positive impact on the field of psychometrics. These contributions may include important theoretical or methodological developments, applications of psychometric theory and methods that have influenced substantive research in psychology, educational measurement or related fields, or innovative ideas that have significantly affected psychometric practices.  Past winners appear below; full details are available here.

Year Winner
2023 Klaas Sijtsma
2022 Robert Mislevy Robert Mislevy
2021 Paul De Boeck Paul De Boeck
2020 Jacqueline Meulman Jacqueline Meulman
2019 Headshot of Susan Embretson Susan Embretson
2018 Headshot of Kenneth Bolen Kenneth Bolen
2017 Headshot of Willem Heiser Willem Heiser
2016 Headshot of Wim van der Linden Wim van der Linden
2015 Headshot of Lawrence Hubert Lawrence Hubert
2014 Headshot of Peter Bentler Peter Bentler
2013 Headshot of Howard Wainer Howard Wainer
2012 Headshot of Roderick P. McDonald Roderick P. McDonald
2011 Headshot of Bengt Muthén Bengt Muthén
2010 Headshot of Michael Browne Michael Browne
2010  J. Douglas Carroll J. Douglas Carroll
2009 Headshot of Roderick P. McDonald (Emeritus Award) Roderick P. McDonald (Emeritus Award)
2008 Headshot of R. Darrell Bock R. Darrell Bock
2008 Headshot of Karl G. Jöreskog Karl G. Jöreskog

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