The “Live” option is where you will access the live sessions themselves, which will begin on July 14.  Note that there are four rooms (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4) where the live sessions will occur.  At the time of those sessions, you can simply click within the box of the corresponding room to enter that session as an attendee. The live sessions will be run using Cisco WebEx. Cisco WebEx will be installed if you are accessing a Live Stage room for the first time.  You can also “Browse Lineup” for each Stage to see what sessions will occur there.

Unfortunately, we learned only recently that the virtual platform will only work using a Windows or Mac system. For example, it will NOT run on Linux, nor will it run on hand-held devices such as tablets and phones, even if they are running iOS or a Windows based OS.  We regret this limitation as an unfortunate consequence of our fast pivot to a virtual conference.

When attending a live session, your audio and video will be OFF and cannot be turned ON. Only panelists (presenters and the chair) will have the ability to use these features. Questions to the presenters can be posted in the Q&A box in the lower right hand portion of the screen.

Questions posted in the Q&A box will be visible to the session chair and can be asked by the session chair on your behalf following the presentation.

Please visit the following link for additional details on the live stages:

On Thursday, July 9 and Friday, July 10, stage 5 will be opened throughout the day so that you can try out accessing the live sessions. Because your first entrance to a live session will require download of the Cisco WebEx software, it will be good to try to access the live sessions during one of these days, both to verify that the system works for you and to avoid delays (due to software installation) when you first try to access a live session room.

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