Short Courses

Short Courses for IMPS 2020


Introduction to flexMIRT® version 3.6

Instructors: Li Cai, Michael Edwards, & Carrie Houts
11am – 6:30pm eastern

flexMIRT® is an IRT software package for multilevel, multidimensional, and multiple group item response modeling. flexMIRT® Version 3.6 offers substantially upgraded statistical modeling capabilities, including new model fit indices, multidimensional models with non-normal latent densities, Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) estimation, crossed random effects, and improved diagnostic classification modeling. This full-day training session will introduce users to the flexMIRT® system and provide hands-on experience with the software. The workshop is intended for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in educational, psychological, and clinical outcomes assessment fields interested in the application of modern psychometrics to help improve the precision and quality of measurement. Attendees will receive a free two-month trial version of flexMIRT. It is assumed that attendees are already familiar with the basic tenets of item response theory. It would be helpful if the attendees could bring their own PCs that could run Windows 7 or above.

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