Every year, Regular and Student Members of the Psychometric Society elect a new President, two new members of the Board of Trustees and one new member of the Editorial Council for Psychometrika.

The elected President will start his or her term as President-Elect one month after the first annual meeting following the elections and will serve as President for one year, starting one month after the second annual meeting following the elections. He or she will serve on the Executive Committee for three years (as President-Elect, President and immediate Past President).

The two new members of the Board of Trustees and one new member of the Editorial Council will start their terms on the last day of the first annual meeting following the elections. Members of the Board of Trustees serve for three years and members of the Editorial Council serve for six years.


Summer 2020 Election Results

Society members voted on revisions to the bylaws, a new treasurer, and extended leadership terms.

Summer 2020 voting results are in.

  • Proposed revisions to society bylaws are approved.
  • Ed Merkle is incoming treasurer.
  • The terms of the past president, current president, president-elect, and members of the Board of Trustees are extended by 1 year. This allows the current leadership to follow through on planning the Maryland conference. (Maryland is now the location of IMPS 2021. It was originally the location for IMPS 2020, before the conference was canceled due to Coronavirus.)

Results of 2019 Elections

The following individuals were voted in to society leadership positions during Fall 2019:

  • Jeff Douglas, President (2021-2022 term)
  • David Kaplan, Editorial Council (2020-2026 term)
  • Jimmy de la Torre, Board of Trustees (2020-2023 term)
  • Minjeong Jeon, Board of Trustees (2020-2023 term)

Jeff Douglas is currently serving a term on the Board of Trustees, so the remainder of his term will be carried out by Duanli Yan.

Congratulations to all!

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