Editorial Council

Editorial Council


The Editorial Council for Psychometrika consists of the Executive Editor, Section Editor, and six members who are elected directly by the membership of the society. These elected members serve for six years, so that the term of one member expires every year. Election of one new member (from two candidates) takes place every year, with nominations coming from the current Editorial Council members.

Editor Email Date Term Expires

Sandip Sinharay, Executive Editor

Headshot of Sandip Sinharay


Nidhi Kohli, Section Editor

Headshot of Nidhi Kohli

nkohli@umn.edu 2026


Elected Member Email Date Term Expires

Steffi Pohl, Chair

Headshot of Steffi Pohl

steffi.pohl@fu-berlin.de 2027

Chun Wang

Headshot of Chun Wang

wang4066@uw.edu 2024

Jingchen Liu

Headshot of Jingchen Liu

jcliu@stat.columbia.edu 2025

Patricia Martinkova

Headshot of Patricia Martinkova

martinkova@cs.cas.cz 2026

Silvia Bianconcini

Headshot of Silvia Bianconcini

silvia.bianconcini@unibo.it 2028

Ken Bollen

Headshot of Ken Bollen

bollen@email.unc.edu 2029


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