Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


According to the bylaws (Article II. Section 7), the Board of Trustees “is responsible for the management and conduct of the affairs of the corporation.”

The Board of Trustees consists of twelve members: the five members of the Executive Committee, the Chair of the Editorial Council and six members who are elected directly by the membership of the society. These elected members serve for three years so that the terms of two members expire every year. Elections of two new members (from four candidates) take place every year, with nominations coming from the current Board of Trustees. Members elected directly by the membership cannot serve for two consecutive terms.

Trustee Email Date Term Expires

Sophia Rabe-Hesketh, Director of Board of Trustees

Headshot of Sophia Rabe-Hesketh  

Qiwei Britt He, Director of Sponsorship

Headshot of Qiwei Britt He  

Jean-Paul Fox

Headshot of Jean-Paul Fox 2023

Duanli Yan

Headshot of Duanli Yan 2023

Jimmy de la Torre

Headshot of Jimmy de la Torre 2024

Minjeong Jeon

Headshot of Minjeong Jeon 2024

Ying Alison Cheng

Headshot of Ying (Alison) Cheng 2025

Marie Wiberg

Headshot of Marie Wiberg 2025

The five members of the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Editorial Council also belong to the Board of Trustees.

See a list of past members of the Board of Trustees here.

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