Editorial Council

Description: The Editorial Council for Psychometrika consists of the Executive Editor, Section Editor, and six members who are elected directly by the membership of the society. These elected members serve for six years, so that the term of one member expires every year. Election of one new member (from two candidates) takes place every year, with nominations coming from the current Editorial Council members.


Editors  Email (Date term expires)

Matthias von Davier, Executive Editor


Edward Ip, Section Editor
Edward Ip

eip@wakehealth.edu (2021)
Elected Members Email (Date term expires)

Sy-Miin Chow, Chair

symiin@psu.edu (2021)

Ying Alison Cheng

ycheng4@nd.edu (2019)

Carolyn Anderson

cja@illinois.edu (2020)
Alina von Davier
alina.vondavier@act.org (2021)
Wim van der Linden
wvanderlinden@pacificmetrics.com (2022)
Chun Wang
wang4066@uw.edu (2023)