Several special purpose committees are active within the Psychometric Society. Members can apply to join a committee. Below you find a list of the committees and their members. 


Awards Committee

Description: The Awards Committee is responsible for monitoring and suggesting improvements to procedures used to seek nominations for awards and select award recipients, to propose changes to the awards (such eligibility criteria, descriptions, benefits) and to suggest new awards. 

Chair: Irini Moustaki (

Members: Peter Bentler, Ulf Böckenholt, Weiwei Cui, Karl Schweizer, Anders Skrondal

Vacancies: Several Regular Members


Bylaws Committee

Description: The Bylaws Committee is responsible for annually reviewing the bylaws and incorporating suggested changes from the Board of Trustees.  The committee shall bring to the attention of the Board of Trustees any issues where actions by committees or the Board of Trustees are not in compliance with the bylaws, or when certain bylaws may no longer be adequate or appropriate.

Chair: Victoria Savalei (

Members: Mark Wilson, Bob Mislevy, Klaas Sijtsma, Paul De Boeck

Vacancies: 1 Regular Member


Communications Committee

Description: The Dissemination/Communication Committee suggests improvements to the way the society communicates with its members, via its web site, email, regular mail, and social media. The committee also proposes ways to raise public awareness of psychometrics and to make the society more visible to members of related societies and the general public.

Chair:  Ed Merkle (

Members: Sophia Rabe-Hesketh, Carl Falk, Tammy Trierweiler, Michael Hunter, Hsiu-Ting Yu (Social Media Editor)

Past members: Alice Brawley, Kevin Wilson-Smith, Yiyun Shou, Eddie Ip

Vacancies: 1 Regular Member

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Election Procedures Committee

Description: The Election Procedures Committee monitors and suggest improvements to the processes followed for the elections of officers (President, Secretary,Treasurer), Board of Trustee members, and Editorial Council members. These processes include calls for nominations, selection of candidates, calls and reminders to members to vote, the online voting system, and determining and announcing the election results.

Chair: Marieke Timmerman (

Members: Carolyn Anderson, Holmes Finch

Vacancies: 2 Regular Members, preferably with relevant experience


Finance Committee

Description: The Finance Committee is responsible for oversight of the Psychometric Society finances and investments.  The committee will develop the annual budget, provide oversight for the IMPS budget, ensure that sponsorship for IMPS is sought by the relevant contacts, develop and monitor investment policies and provide advice to the Board of Trustees on financial matters.

Chair: Matthew Johnson (

Members: Andries van der Ark, Terry Ackerman, Duanli Yan, Li Cai

Vacancies: None


Graduate Student Committee

Description: The Graduate Student Committee consists primarily of Student Members of the Psychometric Society, with a Regular (non-Student) Member acting as advisor/facilitator. The committee can make suggestions on how to improve the experience and increase the involvement of student members, how to make the annual meeting more interesting for students (for example by having a special session for students during the conference), how to increase awareness of quantitative psychology and psychometrics in students and the general public, and how to provide resources that help prospective students get into graduate programs related to psychometrics and quantitative psychology.

Advisor: Steven Culpepper (

Members: Yang Du, Auburn Jimenez, Justin Kern, Anqi Li, Albert Man, Hulya Yigit, Susu Zhang, James Balamuta



Membership Committee

Description: The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the experience of every Psychometric Society member.  The committee will suggest to the Board of Trustees programs and services that may meet the needs of new and existing members, suggest expansion of communications to members, and assist with recruitment or retention campaigns as needed.

Chair: Katrijn Van Deun

Members: Peter Halpin, Eduardo Garcia-Garzon

Vacancies: None


Program Committee

For more information on the Program Committee, see here.


Proceedings Committee

Description: The Proceedings Committee oversees the society’s publications (apart from Psychometrika) and may also propose new publications. The main charge is to oversee publication of the Proceedings of the International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS), which includes appointing editors, setting up a contract with the publisher, ensuring that relevant information is communicated to potential authors, monitoring the publication process, and advertising the Proceedings leading up to and after publication.

Chair: Marie Wiberg (

Members: Ulf Böckenholt, Jee-Seon Kim, Dylan Molenaar, Rianne Janssen, Jorge González

Vacancies: None