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Free Articles and Monographs


To help encourage interest in psychometrics, the following classic articles and monographs are freely available for download.

  • Stout, W. (2002). Psychometrics: From practice to theory and back (15 years of nonparametric multidimensional IRT, DIF/test equity, and skills diagnostic assessment). Psychometrika 67(4) 485-518. Stout 2002
  • Samejima, F. (1972). A general model for free-response data (Psychometrika Monograph No. 18). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Society. Samejima 1972
  • Samejima, F. (1969). Estimation of latent ability using a response pattern of graded scores (Psychometrika Monograph No. 17). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Society. Samejima 1969
  • Herzberg, P. A. (1969). The parameters of cross-validation (Psychometrika Monograph No. 16). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Society. Herzberg 1969
  • Mcdonald, R. P. (1967). Nonlinear factor analysis (Psychometrika Monograph No. 15). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Corporation. Mcdonald 1967
  • Clemans, W. V. (1966). An analytical and empirical examination of some properties of ipsative measures (Psychometrika Monograph No. 14). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Society. Clemans 1966
  • Mckeon, J. J. (1966). Canonical analysis: Some relations between canonical correlation, factor analysis, discriminant function analysis, and scaling theory (Psychometrika Monograph No. 13). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Society. Mckeon 1966
  • Burket, G. R. (1964). A study of reduced rank models for multiple prediction (Psychometrika Monograph No. 12). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Corporation. Burket 1964
  • Paul Kelley, H. H. (1964). Memory abilities: A factor analysis (Psychometrika Monograph No. 11). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Corporation. Kelley 1964
  • Tucker, L. R. (1963). Format models for a central prediction system (Psychometrika Monograph No. 10). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Corporation. Tucker 1963
  • Stake, R. E. (1961). Learning parameters, aptitudes, and achievements (Psychometrika Monograph No. 9). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Corporation. Stake 1961
  • Roff, M. (1952). A factorial study of tests in the perceptual area (Psychometrika Monograph No. 8). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Corporation. Roff 1952
  • Lord, F. (1952). A theory of test scores (Psychometrika Monograph No. 7). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Corporation. Lord 1952
  • Degan, J. W. (1952). Dimensions of functional psychosis (Psychometrika Monograph No. 6). Richmond, VA: Psychometric Corporation. Degan 1952

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