What is Psychometrika?

Psychometrika, the official journal of the Psychometric Society, is devoted to the development of psychology as a quantitative rational science, including the advancement of theory and methodology for behavioral data analysis in psychology, education, and the social and behavioral sciences generally. Psychometrika contains articles on the development of quantitative models of psychological phenomena, as well as statistical methods and mathematical techniques for evaluating psychological and educational data. There are three main sections in Psychometrika: Theory & Methods, Application Reviews & Case Studies (ARCS), and Book Reviews.

Theory and Methods is the primary section, and it contains articles on the development of quantitative models for psychological phenomena, and on quantitative methodology in the social and behavioral sciences, including new mathematical and statistical techniques for the evaluation of psychological data, and the application of such techniques. Empirical studies will be considered only if they involve new or particularly interesting uses of quantitative techniques. Articles about the development and/or results of specific tests will generally not be considered.

Application Reviews & Case Studies (ARCS) is the newest section of Psychometrika, and it is designed to highlight the essential connection between data analysis and modelling methodology and its application to data in psychology, education sciences, and related areas in the social sciences and marketing, in a way that deepens the substantive understanding of phenomena in one of these disciplines. Application Reviews can be integrative, drawing together disparate methodologies for applications, or comparative and evaluative, discussing advantages and disadvantages of one or more methodologies in applications. Case Studies highlight methodology that deepens understanding of substantive phenomena through more informative data analysis, or more elegant data description.

Authors wishing to submit either type of article to Psychometrika should read and follow the submission instructions here.

Book Reviews are the third main section of Psychometrika. All book reviews must be solicited by the Book Review Editor, but self-nominations are gladly accepted. Further information, including links to lists of available and under review books, can be found here.

A list of recently accepted and published papers can be found here.

Bibliometric information

Psychometrika is abstracted or indexed in a number of databases, including Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch), Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, Social Science Citation Index, Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition, PubMed/Medline. For more information, please see here. The 2013 impact factor of Psychometrika is 1.961.