IMPS 2021 goes virtual

The board recently voted to conduct IMPS 2021 as a virtual meeting.


After extensive discussion, the board of the Psychometric Society last week voted unanimously to conduct IMPS 2021 as a virtual meeting only.  We intend the meeting to occur over the same dates as had been planned for the in-person meeting, July 19-23 2021.  Details regarding the virtual meeting will follow soon, along with a call for proposals.

As with last year’s decision, the decision to make IMPS 2021 virtual was difficult.  There is of course increasing reason for optimism regarding the development and distribution of vaccines, including some predictions that life will return to some semblance of normalcy  by July, 2021.  However, it seems clear that even under such conditions, the uncertainties over travel and in-person gatherings will continue well into next year.  International travel, in particular, will likely remain difficult at best, and our concern is that many who otherwise would attend IMPS will choose not to participate in an in-person meeting.  The survey responses that many of you provided  regarding your personal plans for IMPS 2021 quite clearly conveyed this general message.  We appreciate that there are certainly some who expressed interest in an in-person meeting. In the end, the prohibitive costs associated either hosting a strictly in-person meeting with small turnout, or else a hybrid meeting with the added audio-visual and other logistical expenses, were deemed by the board as too substantial.

We would like to thank you for your understanding in regard to this difficult decision. Our hope is that we can build off of our experiences with the virtual IMPS 2020 meeting last year to provide a new and improved virtual IMPS 2021 meeting.  We intend to keep some of the same features as least year, including on-demand pre-confernece access  to spotlight, parallel and poster session presentations, but also with new additions that will hopefully contribute to an overall great conference experience.

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