Poster Presenter Information

Poster Session Reception



VSE Building, University of Prague
Atrium of the RB Building

Address: nám. Winstona Churchilla 1938/4, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov

All presenters are assigned a poster number. All poster boards will be numbered and the exact location of each board will be shared onsite.

Poster Session - Poster Assignments


Wednesday, July 17, 2024 at 4:45 p.m.- 6:15 p.m. (16:45-18:15)​

Authors at Posters: 5:00 p.m.-6:15 p.m. (17:00-18:15)

Poster set-up: Presenters may set up their posters prior to the actual Poster Session event, starting on Wednesday, July 17, between 11:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

On Wednesday, July 17, presenters should arrive at their posters five to ten minutes prior to the Poster Session. Each presenter must stand with their poster from 5:00 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. (If a presenter needs to step away during this timeframe please be brief.)

Poster removal: Presenters must remove their posters immediately following the poster session event, no later than Wednesday, July 17, by 7:00 p.m. Any posters not removed by this timeframe will be recycled by the University.


IMPORTANT: The poster boards are vertical (portrait-style) this year. There will be two posters assigned per board (one on each side). Each presenter will have their own poster number assignment per the attached poster flyer.

IMPORTANT: All posters are recommended to be printed approximately 70 cm (width/base) x 100 cm (height). This is approximately 27.56 inches or 2.30 feet (width/base) x 39.37 inches or 3.28 feet (height). Posters may be printed smaller than the recommended size, but must NOT exceed the A0 paper size, i.e. 84.1 cm (width/base) x 118.9 cm (height). (33.1 inches width/base x 44.6 inches height.)

Poster tacks/pins will be provided on site to hang each poster. (Note: A couple sample pictures of this year’s provided poster board are shared below.)


Posters will be read from a distance. Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be similar to those you would use in making slides. Text should be in a large typeface.

Presenters may want to bring additional literature to post with poster. Tip: An envelope is helpful in which to hang additional materials. Another option is to include a QR code in the poster graphics that links to a paper or more detailed information.

Poster Tutorials: If this is your first poster presentation, please check out tutorials such as those found here and here.

Poster Printing

Optional: Pre-Order and directly pay for Poster Printing that is available through the Copy General Store located in Prague. Participants may use the E-shop to pre-order their poster printed in Country. (At least a 7 day production timeframe is required to ensure a poster is ready by required delivery/personal pick-up date.)

Promo Code: IMPS (a 5% discount will be applied at time of checkout)  

Tip: Suggest poster printed on the material: saténový grafický papír 200g/m2

Need assistance? Send an email to the Copy General Support team: or via phone: +420 210 219 000

Tips on use of the E-shop

If you decide to use the E-shop through the Copy General Store to print your poster (recall, this is optional), please see below for more information.

Web browsers often have built-in translation options to your language of preference.

A brief description of the E-shop interface is as follows.

About the poster product:

  • Measures (Rozměry) - where you can choose your custom format in mm (width x height).
  • Material (Papír) – it is suggested to use saténový grafický papír 200g/m2
  • Ammount (Množství) – choose how many times to be printed
  • Notes (Poznámky) – on the bottom of the page, notes for special requests

On the right side:

  • Add to basket (Přidat do košíku) = blue button
  • Dates and their prices can be selected above the blue button. Faster = more expensive. More production time = cheaper. Choose before you add it to basket.
  • The price is excluding delivery, at the final step you can choose between A) PERSONAL PICKUP IN SOME OF OUR SHOPS, or B) DELIVERY TO ADDRESS (the price would be shown at final step, depends on delivery method you choose)

In basket - there is the place for promo code (Slevový kód / dárkový poukaz), fill it and click to “Uplatnit”, means “Apply”. 

Promo code is: IMPS

The red button means “Finish the order”.

You will have to fill your Name, email, phone, company details. You will choose the delivery method (and fill the address for delivery) or personal pickup.

One shop near the conference is Copy General Praha – Senovážné náměstí 26

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