Early Career Award

(Nominate by October 31)


The Psychometric Society Early Career Award recognizes scholars at the early stage of their career whose research has the potential to make a major contribution to psychometric research and/or practice. The award may honor theoretical psychometric work, the development of psychometric software, or important psychometric contributions to substantive fields such as psychology, education, or medicine.

The awardee will receive a commemorative plaque, a monetary prize of $500, and an invitation to give a presentation at the following International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS), for which registration fees will be waived and costs of attendance will be reimbursed up to $1,000 ($1,500 if intercontinental travel is required).

Past Winners

Past winners of this award are listed here.


Eligible nominees must be members of the Psychometric Society who have received their doctoral degree within 10 years of the closing date of the nomination. Nominees must have previously been published in Psychometrika and presented at IMPS. Prior nomination does not exclude a candidate from consideration in subsequent years. A nominee may not be considered for other Psychometric Society awards in the same year.

The 10-year time limit may be extended by up to 2 years for career interruptions, which may include (but are not limited to) parental leave, care responsibilities, illness/medical leave, mandatory military service, or disruptions due to civil conflicts, natural disasters, or pandemics. Interruptions must have occurred in the time since the doctoral degree was conferred. Individuals who were previously considered and did not receive the award may apply again, provided that they remain eligible given the aforementioned time limits.


Nominations can be made by any member of the Psychometric Society, and self-nomination is permitted. Nominations must be submitted on or before October 31 through email to Susan Rees [srees@reesgroupinc.com] with the heading “Psychometric Society Early Career Award Nomination.” The nomination letter must:

  • State the date when the doctoral degree was received and the name of the awarding institution
  • Describe the nominee’s contribution to the field and why it deserves recognition
  • Provide at least one Psychometrika publication (title, volume, number, year)
  • Provide at least one IMPS presentation (title, year, and city where the conference was held).

Please include the nominee’s CV in the nomination package.

The Board of Trustees will be invited to make additional nominations.

Selection Panel

The Board of Trustees will make the final selection from the list of nominees and the winner will be announced at the following IMPS.

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