Call for Journal Editor – ARCS Section, Psychometrika

Applications Due: May 1, 2022


The Psychometric Society is currently seeking applications for the editor position for the Application Reviews and Case Studies (ARCS) section of its journal, Psychometrika.

Psychometrika is devoted to the development of psychology as a quantitative rational science, including the advancement of theory and methodology for behavioral data analysis in psychology, education, and the social and behavioral sciences generally. The journal is published four times a year, in March, June, September, and December, and contains articles on the development of quantitative models of psychological phenomena, as well as statistical methods and mathematical techniques for evaluating psychological and educational data. Psychometrika is currently produced and distributed by the Psychometric Society, via an arrangement with Springer Science+Business Media (formerly Springer-Verlag), New York.

There are three main sections in Psychometrika: Theory & Methods (​TM), Application Reviews & Case Studies (ARCS), and Book Reviews. ARCS is the newest section of Psychometrika, and it is designed to highlight the essential connection between data analysis and modelling methodology and its application to data in psychology, education sciences, and related areas in the social sciences and marketing, in a way that deepens the substantive understanding of phenomena in one of these disciplines.

The ARCS editor would serve a four-year term, beginning on January 1, 2023.

The ARCS editor of Psychometrika is responsible for all of the editorial functions and decisions of the ARCS section of the journal, including

  • Appointing associate editors in consultation with the Editor in Chief and with the approval of the editorial council;
  • Deciding whether manuscripts should be considered for review, and if so, selecting an appropriate associate editor who will send the paper for review to about 3 reviewers;
  • Making the final decision based on the associate editor and reviewers’ comments;
  • Overseeing any revisions of manuscripts;
  • Contributing to the annual report at the Society’s annual meeting prepared by the Editor in Chief.

The application packet for this position should include a 1-2 page letter of interest and current CV for editor or co-editors outlining:

  • Previous experience as editor, associate editor, editorial board member, and/or reviewer;
  • Areas that you consider to be strengths of the ARCS section of Psychometrika as it has been published over the years and areas or directions where you think that, as editor, you would hope to nurture. Please provide a few examples of activities that you may engage in to promote growth in those areas.
  • A plan to make this editorial responsibility a regular part of your workload, and if applicable, please characterize how your institution would support you, materially and otherwise, to enable you to excel as an editor (e.g., release time, additional space, etc).
  • If applicable, the particular strengths of the editorial team and how you envision the working relationship to be between co-editors.


  • An editorial stipend is available from the Psychometric Society to help support this position.
  • Editors will generally not be allowed to publish in the journal themselves, with certain exemptions that will be judged by the editorial council on a case-by-case basis.
  • There is an ongoing search for the Editor-in-Chief. If you are interested in proposing an editorial team, please indicate that in your letter of interest.

The Psychometric Society is committed to pursuing inclusivity in all aspects of its society, including its membership, leadership, attendees at the annual meeting, and the authorship represented in Psychometrika. Every individual should feel welcome within the Psychometric Society, including people of any race, national origin, native language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, educational background, disability, or age.

Questions about the position can be sent to Chair of the Editorial Council, Dr. Denny Borsboom, at

To submit an application:

Application materials should be submitted at ARCS Editor Application Form.

The committee will begin reviewing applications on May 2, 2022, and will continue to consider applications until the position is filled.

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