Books Under Review


Books Currently Under Review: (sorted by last name of first author)

  • Maathuis, M., Drton, M., Lauritzen, S., & Wainwright, M. (2018). Handbook of Graphical Models. CRC Press. 536 pages. GBP£100,00. ISBN: 9781498788625. Publisher’s description.
  • Raykov, T., & Marcoulides, G.A. (2018). A course in Item Response Theory and Modeling with Stata. Stata Press. 270 pages. GBP£55,99. ISBN: 9781597182669. Publisher’s description.
  • Tsay, R.S., & Chen, R. (2018). Nonlinear Time Series Analysis. Wiley. 512 pages. EUR€119,70. ISBN: 978-1-119-26407-1. Publisher’s description.
  • Veldkamp, B. and Sluijter, C. (2019). Theoretical and Practical Advances in Computer-Based Educational Assesment. Springer. ISBN: 978-3-030-18479-7. Publisher’s description.

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