Best Reviewer Award

(Selected before IMPS)


This purpose of this award to recognize outstanding reviewers for Psychometrika

The quality and operation of Psychometrika depends critically on the reviews of manuscripts submitted for publication. As a way to honor, thank, and reward reviewers for their invaluable service, we have established an award to the top 5 reviewers of the previous year. “Best” will be defined as a combination of the quality of reviews, average time to complete reviews, and the number of reviews completed over the previous 3 years.

Past Winners

Past winners of this award are listed here.


Persons who reviewed for Psychometrika in the previous 3 years.


Nominations for the award will be made by the editors and associate editors who work directly with the reviewers.

Selection Panel

The Editorial Council in conjunction with the editors will make recommendations to the Awards Committee regarding potential winners. The final decision will rest with the Awards committee. The winners will be announced at IMPS and presented with a certificate of recognition.

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