Francis Tuerlinckx, University of Leuven

Things I have learnt so far

Keynote Speaker

2019 Presidential Address

In this presentation I will discuss three important insights that I have recently acquired regarding modeling and statistical analysis: (1) It is not about these data but other data; (2) it is not about the parameters but about the data; (3) it is not only about this model but also about other models. I will illustrate these insights with examples of recent work carried out by us or others.


Francis Tuerlinckx

Francis Tuerlinckx is a full professor of quantitative psychology at the University of Leuven (Belgium). He received his PhD in 2000 (under the supervision of Paul De Boeck). His research interests include psychometrics, mathematical modeling of cognition and emotions, and dynamical modeling of time series. A crucial aspect of his research is building bridges between formal models and substantive psychological research questions. Francis Tuerlinckx’s work has been published in Psychometrika, Psychological Bulletin, Psychological Review, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, and Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. Francis Tuerlinckx is an Associate Editor of Journal of Mathematical Psychology.

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