Alina von Davier, Actnext, INC.

Miss Marple’s Search for Truth in Big Data: on Design, Causal Inference and Computational Psychometrics

Keynote Speaker


Advances in technology have led to a redesign of the educational experience, from testing to learning, from academic to holistic evaluations. Most of these experiences are in virtual settings or in technology-enhanced real environments that allow for an unprecedented amount of fine-grained data collection and for a merge of various data sources that together have the potential to improve the quality of measurement and of diagnostic and recommendations capabilities. The bounty of big data comes with the realization that not all of it is good data and that extracting signal requires a detective mind that can sift through data patterns, design considerations and computational approaches. In this presentation I will share my experience with computational psychometrics, going back to basics, and address the relevance of causal inference in big data.

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