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Homepage Redirect (not included in search) Wijsen & Borsboom in Psychometrika|(2021)

Perspectives on Psychometrics Interviews with 20 Past Presidents

This paper present the findings of an oral history project on the past, present, and future of psychometrics, as obtained through structured interviews with twenty past Psychometric Society presidents. (Open Access)

Homepage Redirect (not included in search) Lisa Wijsen et al. in Psychometrika|(2019)

An Academic Genealogy of Psychometric Society Presidents

This paper presents the academic genealogy of presidents of the Psychometric Society by constructing a genealogical tree, in which Ph.D. students are encoded as descendants of their advisors. (Open Access)

Homepage Redirect (not included in search) Von Davier & Ip in Psychometrika|(2020)

Spring 2020 Editorial

The new Psychometrika editors (as of 2019), Matthias von Davier and Edward Ip, have released a new editorial in the March 2020 issue. It discusses goals and general directions for the journal.

The editorial discusses the new editors’ goals, as well as general directions that the journal is taking.

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