Tourism in Chile

Santiago and the surrounding area boast numerous optional activities, sites, and attractions. Below are optional activities for individual tour excursions to sign up on your own and/or experience with a group. You will be amazed at everything Chile has to offer, and may want to plan on staying an extra day or two to explore on your own or sign up for one of these organized events. Click here to explore, and book a tour today! The company that organizes the Santiago excursion offers these organized sightseeing tours to the attendees of IMPS 2019.

If you plan a holiday on your own, then a convenient website that can be used to plan your trip to Chile is provided by the Official Tourism site in Chile. Also the major tourist guides and websites have information on Chile.

Here we just give a sample of the numerous possibilities for tourism in Chile: enotourism, hot springs, trekking (see also here and here), mountaineering and climbing (also here and here for a mountain and hot springs close to Santiago), skiing (and here), Patagonia (also here for cruises), Torres del Paine National Park (see also here and here), San Pedro de Atacama (see also here and here), and Easter Island (Isla de Pascua or Rapa Nui).