Psychometrika, the official journal of the Psychometric Society, is devoted to the development of psychology as a quantitative rational science, including the advancement of theory and methodology for behavioral data analysis in psychology, education, and the social and behavioral sciences generally. Further information on the sections of Psychometrika and the types of articles published in Psychometrika can be found here.

Psychometrika (ISSN 0033-3123) is published four times a year, in March, June, September, and December, and contains articles on the development of quantitative models of psychological phenomena, as well as statistical methods and mathematical techniques for evaluating psychological and educational data.

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Psychometrika is currently being produced and distributed by the Psychometric Society, via an arrangment with Springer Science+Business Media (formerly Springer-Verlag), New York.

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All articles are available in full text electronically to subscribers on SpringerLink.

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A CD set containing all Psychometrika publications from 1936 through 2000 is available here.

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