Past, Present and Incoming Presidents

Term Name Institution & Presidential Address
2020-21 Irini Moustaki
London School of Economics
2019-20 Dan Bolt
University of Wisconsin
2018-19 Francis Tuerlinckx
KU Leuven, Belgium
2017-18 Cees Glas
University of Twente, The Netherlands
2016-17 Anders Skrondal

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway

The role of conditional likelihoods in latent variable modeling



Terry Ackerman

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA

Differential item functioning from a multidimensional item response theory perspective


2014-15 Sophia Rabe-Hesketh

University of California, Berkeley, USA

Ignoring nonignorable missingness



Alberto Maydeu-Olivares

University of Barcelona, Spain

Assessing the size of model misfit in structural equation models


2012-13 Hua-Hua Chang

University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, USA

Psychometrics Behind Computerized Adaptive Testing

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2011-12 Mark Wilson

University of California, Berkeley, USA

Seeking a Balance Between the Statistical and Scientific Elements in Psychometrics

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2010-11 Klaas Sijtsma

Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Future of Psychometrics: Ask What Psychometrics Can Do for Psychology

2009-10 Jos ten Berge

University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Simplicity and Typical Rank Results for Three-Way Arrays

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2008-09 Brian Junker
From Dr. Brian Junker.

Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Some New Connections for Nonparametric Item Response Modeling

2007-08 Paul De Boeck
From Dr. Paul De Boeck.

KU Leuven, Belgium

Random Item IRT Models

2006-07 Roger S. Millsap

Arizona State University, USA

Invariance in Measurement and Prediction Revisited

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2005-06 Ulf Böckenholt
From Dr. Pieter Kroonenberg, 2006.

McGill University, Canada

Thurstonian-Based Analyses: Past, Present and Future Utilities

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2004-05 Robert Cudeck

University of Minnesota, USA

Fitting Psychometric Models Using Gradient Methods and Automatic Derivatives

2003-04 Willem J. Heiser
From Dr. Willem Heiser, 2007.

Leiden University, the Netherlands

Geometric Representation of Association Between Categories

2002-03 Jacqueline J. Meulman
From Dr. Jacqueline Meulman.

Leiden University, the Netherlands

Prediction and Classification in Nonlinear Data Analysis: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

2001-02 William Stout

University Of Illinois & Educational Testing Service, USA

Psychometrics: From Practice To Theory And Back: 15 Years of Nonparametric Multidimensional IRT, DIF/Test Equity, and Skills Diagnostic Assessment

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2000-01 David Thissen
From Dr. David Thissen, 2001.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Psychometric Engineering as Art

1999-00 Wim J. van der Linden
From Dr. Wim J. van der Linden.

University of Twente, the Netherlands

A Test-Theoretic Approach to Observed-Score Equating

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1998-99 Susan E. Embretson
From Dr. Susan Embretson.

Universtity of Kansas, USA

Generating Items During Testing: Psychometric Issues and Models

1997-98 Ivo W. Molenaar
From Dr. Ivo Molenaar.

University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Data, Model, Conclusion, Doing it Again

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1996-97 Fumiko Samejima
From Dr. David Thissen, 2002.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Departure from Normal Assumptions: A Promise for Future Psychometrics with Substantive Mathematical Modeling

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1995-96 Shizuhiko Nishisato
From Dr. Shizuhiko Nishisato.

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education & The University of Toronto, Canada

Gleaning in the Field of Dual Scaling

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1994-95 Gerhard H. Fischer
From Dr. Gerhard Fischer.

University of Vienna, Austria

Some Neglected Problems in IRT.

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1993-94 Robert J. Mislevy
From Dr. Robert Mislevy.

Educational Testing Service, USA

Evidence and Inference in Educational Assessment.

1992-93 William Meredith
From University of California, Berkeley.

University of California, Berkeley, USA

Measurement Invariance, Factor Analysis and Factorial Invariance

1991-92 Michael W. Browne

The Ohio State University, USA

Circumplex Models for Correlation Matrices

1990-91 Phipps Arabie
From Patricia O'Toole, Rutgers University, 1990.

Rutgers University, USA

Was Euclid an Unnecessarily Sophisticated Psychologist?

1989-90 Paul W. Holland
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (2005), 30(3), 343.

Educational Testing Service, USA

On the Sampling Theory Foundations of Item Response Theory Models

1988-89 Bengt O. Muthén
From Dr. Bengt Muthén.

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Latent Variable Modeling in Heterogeneous Populations

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1987-88 Jan de Leeuw

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Multivariate Analysis with Linearizable Regressions

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1986-87 Yoshio Takane
From Dr. Yoshio Takane, 1984.

McGill University, Canada

Analysis of Contingency Tables by Ideal Point Discriminant Analysis

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1985-86 Roderick P. McDonald
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (2007), 32(3), 315.

Macquarie University, Australia

Describing the Elephant: Structure and Function in Multivariate Data

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1984-85 Bruce Bloxom
From Dr. Bruce Bloxom, 1970s.

Vanderbilt University, USA

Considerations in Psychometric Modeling of Response Time

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1983-84 Lawrence J. Hubert
From Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Statistical Applications of Linear Assignment

1982-83 Peter M. Bentler

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Some Contributions to Efficient Statistics in Structural Models: Specification and Estimation of Moment Structures

1981-82 James O. Ramsay
From Dr. James Ramsay, 1980s.

McGill University, Canada

When the Data are Functions

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1980-81 Forrest W. Young

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Quantitative Analysis of Qualitative Data

1979-80 Melvin R. Novick
Psychometrika (1986), 51 (4), 511.

The University of Iowa, USA

Statistics as Pscyhometrics

1978-79 Norman Cliff
From Dr. Pieter Kroonenberg, 1980.

University of Southern California, USA

Test Theory Without True Scores?

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1977-78 Karl G. Jöreskog
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (2011), 36(3), 403.

University of Uppsala, Sweden

Structural Analysis of Covariance and Correlation Matrices

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1976-77 R. Duncan Luce
Science (2012), 337 (6102), 1619.

Harvard University, USA

Thurstone’s Discriminal Processes Fifty Years Later

1975-76 J. Douglas Carroll
From Dr. Pieter Kroonenberg, 1995.

Bell Laboratories, USA

Spatial, Non-Spatial and Hybrid Models for Scaling

1974-75 Joseph B. Kruskal
From Dr. Pieter Kroonenberg.

Bell Telephone Laboratories, USA

Some Advances in Parametric Mapping

1973-74 Roger N. Shepard
Department of Psychology, Stanford University.

Stanford University, USA

Representation of Structure in Similarity Data: Problems and Prospects

1972-73 R. Darrell Bock
From Dr. Darrell Bock.

University of Chicago, USA

Word and image: Sources of the Verbal and Spatial Factors in Mental Test Scores

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1971-72 Samuel J. Messick
The picture of Messick is provided Courtesy of Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Educational Testing Service, USA

Beyond Structure: In Search of Functional Models of Psychological Process

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1970-71 Louis Guttman
Department of Sociology, Cornell University

Hebrew University and Israel Institute of Applied Social Research, Israel

Measurement as Structural Theory

1969-70 Henry F. Kaiser

University of California, Berkeley, USA

A Second Generation Little Jiffy

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1968-69 Harry H. Harman
Book Sleeve "Modern Factor Analysis" (Second Edition, Revised).

Educational Testing Service, USA

Retrospective Anticipation

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1967-68 B. J. Winer
American Psychologist (1984) 39 (3), 313.

Purdue University, USA

The Error

1966-67 Chester W. Harris
Image courtesy of the UW-Madison Archives, #S15268, 1968

University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA

On Factors and Factor Scores

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1965-66 Bert F. Green, Jr.
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (2004), 29(2), 261-268.

Carnegie Institute of Technology, USA

The Computer Revolution in Psychometrics

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1964-65 Warren S. Torgerson
Psychometrika (1999), 64(1), 4.

The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Multidimensional Scaling of Similarity

1963-64 Allen L. Edwards
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 1964.

University of Washington, USA

Social Desirability and Performance on the MMPI

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1962-63 Lyle V. Jones
The Score (2009), 31 (3), 5.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Beyond Babbage

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1961-62 Philip H. Dubois
Gardener and Lois B. Murphy papers, The Drs. Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, The University of Akron.

Washington University, St. Louis, USA

On Relationships Between Numbers and Behavior

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1960-61 John B. Carroll

Harvard University, USA

The Nature of the Data, or How to Choose a Correlation Coefficient

1959-60 Lloyd G. Humphreys
From Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Investigations of the Simplex

1958-59 Frederic M. Lord
From Dr. F. Bert Green, Jr.

Educational Testing Service, USA

An Approach to Mental Test Theory

1957-58 Frederick Mosteller
Harvard Gazette, 2007.

Harvard University, USA

The Mystery of the Missing Corpus

1956-57 Hubert E. Brogden
From Dr. Paul A. Gade.

The Adjutant General's Office, USA

New Problems for Old Solutions

1955-56 Clyde H. Coombs

University of Michigan, USA

The Scale Grid: Some Interrelations of Data Models

1954-55 Ledyard R. Tucker
A Conversation with Ledyard R. Tucker. ETS Report.

Princeton University and Educational Testing Service, USA

Psychometric Theory: General and Specific

1953-54 Lee J. Cronbach
From Dr. Richard J. Shavelson.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Report on a Psychometric Mission to Clinicia

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1952-53 Robert L. Thorndike
American Psychologist (1951), 6, 41.

Columbia University, USA

Who Belongs in the Family?

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1951-52 John C. Flanagan
American Psychologist (1977), 32(1), 73.

University of Pittsburgh, USA

Methodology in Psychology

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1950-51 Quinn McNemar
From Stanford News Service, 1958.

Stanford University, USA

The Factors in Factoring Behavior

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1949-50 Dorothy C. Adkins
American Psychologist (1950), 5(6), 205.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

A Superior Rotational Method in Factor Analysis or Psychometricians in Government Service

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1948-49 Phillip Justin Rulon
Psychometrika (1969), 34 (1), i.

Harvard University, USA

Matrix Representation of Models for the Analysis of Variance and Covariance

1947-48 Irving Lorge
Psychometrika (1961), 26(1), i.

Columbia University, USA

Words Words Words

1946-47 Harold A. Edgerton
From The Ohio State University Archives, 1939.

The Ohio State University, USA


1945-46 Edward E. Cureton
From University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Richardson, Bellows, Henry & Co., Inc., USA

Quantitative Psychology as a Rational Science

1944-45 Harold Gulliksen
The picture of Gulliksen is provided Courtesy of Educational Testing Service (ETS).

University of Chicago, USA


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1943-44 Henry E. Garrett
American Psychologist (1946), 1(9), 371.

Columbia University, USA


1941-43 Paul Horst
American Psychologist (1952), 7(1), 49.

Proctor & Gamble, USA

The Twilight of Rugged Individualism in Quantitative Psychology

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1940-41 Jack W. Dunlap
From University of Rochester Yearbook, 1943, p.26

University of Rochester, USA

The Psychometric Society – Roots and Powers

1939-40 Karl J. Holzinger
Made available by Dr. Nancy L. Segal.

University of Chicago, USA

A Synthetic Approach to Factor Analysis

1938-39 Truman L. Kelley
Psychometrika (1961), 26 (4), 342.

Harvard University, USA

The Future Psychology of Mental Traits

1937-38 J. P. Guilford
From Dr. Ludy T. Benjamin.

University of Nebraska, USA

A Study in Psychodynamics

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1936-37 E. L. Thorndike

Columbia University, USA


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1935-36 L. L. Thurstone
From University of Chicago Archives.

University of Chicago, USA

Psychology as a Quantitative Rational Science (full paper)

Psychology as a Quantitative Rational Science (excerpts)

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