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Photos from IMPS 2016 Available!

Pieter Kroonenberg (shown in photo) has taken wonderful photos at IMPS 2016 and published them here (password: imps2016). The group photo, sponsored by Mplus, can be downloaded here. See also this page for photos from recent annual meetings.

You can also find pages with photos of many other past meetings (1980, 1995, 2001, 2003-2016) - see hyperlinks on this page. We would be grateful to receive further photos, especially for meetings for which we do not yet have pages. If you have photos to contribute, please email

See also other historic webpages.

Happy 80th Birthday Psychometrika

Psychometrika, the flagship journal of the Psychometric Society, turns 80 this year. At IMPS 2016, four anniversary sessions will be organized. Please check out the program for more information. Also the Welcome reception on Tuesday from 6-8pm is devoted to this special anniversary. Also Springer, the publisher of Psychometrika, celebrates this anniversary with this website. Click here to download papers and slides about citation classics published in Psychometrika (from contributors to Psychometrika Anniversary Sessions at IMPS 2016).

Dissertation Prize 2016

This year’s Psychometric Society Dissertation Prize winners are Stijn Verdonck (KU Leuven, University of Leuven, Belgium), and Yang Liu (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Dr. Verdonck's adviser was Dr. Francis Tuerlinckx and the title of his dissertation was Advances in Choice Response Time Modeling: Non-linearity, Efficient Computation, and Non-decision Time. Dr. Liu's adviser was Dr. David Thissen and the title of his dissertation was Generalized Fiducial Inference for Graded Response Models.

Congratulations to both winners!

Open call for proposals regarding website contributions

Open call for proposals regarding website contributions

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Psychometrika and 81th anniversary of the Psychometric Society, the Psychometric Society launches an open call to its members (senior or junior) to send in a proposal outlining a contribution in recognition of the anniversaries of the journal and the Society. If approved, such a contribution will become part of the Society’s website. Valuable contributions may be related to the history of the Society or its journal or they may help disseminating important psychometric contributions (this is a non-exhaustive list).

If you have an idea, please send in a 3-page proposal describing your idea, a timeline, a budget and a list of deliverables. The Society has reserved a total of $10000 that may be (partially or completely) used to fund at most two selected proposals. The deadline for submitting a proposal is April 1. Please send your proposal to Francis Tuerlinckx ( The proposals will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees. 

(Who is the man in the picture? If you do not know the answer, you should explore the history pages referred to above. Albert K. Kurtz was one of the six co-founders of the society. In fact, the society was his idea. He was founding editor of Psychometrika, together with Paul Horst, and has been the longest-serving editor of Psychometrika.)