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Get more involved in the Psychometric Society!

If you would like to become more involved in the Psychometric Society, please consider joining one of the committees by completing the web form. As you can see on the Committees page, opportunities include membership on multiple committees. The Get Involved page lists further opportunities, including publication editor and newsletter editor.

Finally, if you are interested in hosting a future meeting of IMPS, you can find details on how to apply to host IMPS in 2020 and beyond here.

Announcement for Newsletter Editor

The Psychometric Society is looking for a newsletter editor to create the society's first online newsletter. The newsletter will cover approximately a year and will include IMPS 2018 in New York. It is anticipated that similar newsletters will be published annually in the future, or possibly at shorter time intervals.

The newsletter will be published on the Society website and will be announced to members via email. Purposes of the newsletter include informing members and website visitors about the activities of the society (including IMPS, elections, awards, Psychometrika), producing informative articles, keeping members engaged, encouraging more direct involvement in the society (such as voting, volunteering, attending conferences), and building a newsletter archive to help document the society's history. Articles may include interviews with career award recipients and outgoing or incoming presidents, opinion pieces on aspects of psychometrics, impressions of a first-time IMPS attendee, or anything else of broad interest to members of the society.

The editor will play a major role in shaping the style, format, and content of the newsletter, in consultation with Ed Merkle, chair of the Communications Committee and member of the Board of Trustees. The editor will also oversee production of the newsletter and is encouraged to recruit volunteers, such as editorial board members, article authors, and copy-editors.

The communications committee will help transfer newsletter content to the website. The Secretary (Carolyn Anderson) and Communications Committee will provide information on events that have occurred during the year, and a volunteer photographer will provide photographs taken during IMPS 2018.

Candidates for newsletter editor must attend IMPS 2018 to be able to report on the conference, meet with their volunteers, and possibly conduct interviews. Registration fees for the editor will be covered by the society.

Photos from IMPS 2017 Available!

Pieter Kroonenberg (shown in photo) has taken wonderful photos at IMPS 2017 and published them here (password: imps2017). See also this page for information and photos from recent annual meetings.

You can also find pages with photos of many other past meetings (1980, 1995, 2001, 2003-2017) - see hyperlinks on this page. You will find newly created photo galleries by Pieter Kroonenberg for 1995, 2006, 2008, and 2011. These are also listed and linked to here. We would be grateful to receive further photos, especially for meetings for which we do not yet have pages. If you have photos to contribute, please email

See also other historic webpages.