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Special issue on Network Psychometrics in Action - Applications and Case Studies

Psychometrika - CALL FOR PAPERS
Special issue on: Network Psychometrics in Action - Applications and Case Studies

The idea that properties measured by psychological tests are best seen as complex systems in which specific emotions, thoughts, and behaviors interact with one another has inspired the network approach in psychometrics. Graphical models, or networks, have become a popular alternative to classic psychometric approaches using latent variables. This popularity is partly due to the development of new methods and new software that have made it easy for researchers to estimate graphical models based on psychological data, visualize the estimated structures, and conduct psychometric analyses of the estimated networks. These tools have made the network approach highly accessible, and thus facilitated a flourishing literature on applied network approaches to, among others, psychopathology, intelligence, personality, and political attitudes.


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There is still time to sign up for a 2019 Short Course offered on Monday, July 15, from 9:30 a.m.-5:10 p.m. 

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Structural equation modeling with lavaan (Instructor: Yves Rosseel) 
Applying Test Equating methods using R (Instructors: Marie Wiberg and Jorge González)
Bayesian Inference with JASP (Instructor: Eric-Jan Wagenmakers)
Introducción al análisis de clases latentes y los modelos de mezclas (Instructor: Jeroen Vermunt)

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