Newcomer's Guide


Newcomer's Guide to the
International Meeting of the
Psychometric Society (IMPS)

This guide is provided to help you know what to plan for and expect when attending the International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS) and how to get the most out of your experience.

Registering and Planning Your Trip

1. If you are presenting, register for the conference if you have not already done so. Registration is now open. 
Tip: Being a Member and registering early gets you extra discounts when registering.
2. If you are traveling with friends or family, invite them to the outings and excursions that are included in your registration fee by ordering guest tickets.
Tip: These outings are a great way to experience the local attractions and have fun with other attendees.
3. If you are a graduate student, apply for the Student Travel Award to help cover your travel costs. You can apply for this award by submitting additional information when submitting your abstract.
4. Make your travel arrangements.
5. Book accommodations for your stay.
6. Pack appropriate clothing for your trip, including both professional wear for the conference and casual wear for fun activities and outings during the conference.
Tip: Be sure to check the weather forecast. It may be a good idea to bring at least one outfit in a carry-on just in case your luggage doesn’t arrive with you!

If you are travelling internationally:

1. Apply for a passport if needed.
Tip: Your passport may need to be valid well beyond the dates of your trip.
2. Apply for a visa or visa waiver if needed – find out as soon as possible what is required.
Tip: Rules vary between citizenships and countries. This online tool provided by the U.S. Department of State may be helpful in determining what is required.
3. Consider learning some key words in the language of the host country to help you enjoy your trip. See other practical tips for travel here and see the travel page for helpful navigation information.
4. Have the address of your hotel or destination written down to help you navigate. Directions to the conference hotel from the Asheville Regional Airport are available here.

Preparing Your Presentation

You will be notified of whether your presentation has been accepted by April 1.

1. If you are presenting, register for the conference if you have not already done so. Registration will be available in early 2016.
2. Practice your presentation, preferably in front of colleagues.
3. Have your colleagues ask you questions about your presentation.
Tip: IMPS attendees like to discuss ideas and ask questions, so it is helpful to prepare for any questions that might come up.
4. Save a back-up copy of your presentation in the cloud, in an email, or on a flash drive.

For oral presentations:

1. Make sure your presentation is within the time limit of 15 minutes.
Tip: One rule of thumb is to plan to cover one slide per minute, or a maximum of 15 slides during your presentation.
2. Start with a clear goal or aim stated at the beginning of your presentation.
3. Explain equations and define symbols.
4. On slides, often less text is better – avoid overloading slides with technical details whenever possible.
5. Remember that you are the expert of your topic! Be sure you are clearly explaining your topic to your audience.
6. Have a concluding slide at the end of your presentation.

For poster presentations:

1. Prepare a short “elevator pitch” (a 1 to 2 minute short summary of your findings).
2. Consider traveling with a poster tube, mailing your poster to your destination, or printing your poster as separate sheets.

A Typical IMPS Day

  • Presentations are typically scheduled between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM.
  • Attend the first day’s opening keynote address to kick off the conference with fellow attendees.
  • Plan ahead – check out the schedule and choose your favorite sessions to attend ahead of time when you can. Detailed information about the talks and poster session are available on the schedule page.
​Tip: There are up to 6-7 sessions going on at once, so choosing ahead of time will maximize the number of talks you can fully attend and enjoy. Students are encouraged to attend the student events during the conference.
  • Have lunch with fellow attendees during the conference.
​Tip: A full lunch is served around noon, and all sessions stop during this time. Having lunch together is a great opportunity to get to know other attendees. If you're a student, be sure to attend the Student event where you can meet senior psychometricians and fellow student attendees.
  • In the evenings, take advantage of the welcome reception and banquet and explore the city!
  • Take part in the excursion – it is included in the registration fee.

Tip: The Psychometric Society plans fun activities and excursions throughout the week. These outings are a great way to see the city you're visiting and have fun with other attendees.