Travel Information w/Hotel


The closest airport to the conference site is Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). This major international hub has direct flights to 69 foreign cities.


Transport from Beijing Capital International Airport to Hotels


The most convenient and recommended way to get from the airport to the hotels is by taxi. The hotels are approximately a 30 to 45-minutes drive away from the airport, pending traffic. If traffic is bad, the trip could take as long as 60 minutes. The cost of a one-way ride is about $20 (120CNY), including the expressway fee.

Here are documents you can print and show your taxi driver to be taken to each of the conference hotels:

Here are important translations to Chinese for taking a taxi to each of the hotels:

Hi, please take me to

1. Beijing Normal University Jingshi Hotel: 麻烦去北京师范大学的京师大厦;

2. Holiday Inn at the De Wai Street: 德胜门外大街的华宇假日酒店;

3. Garden Hotel at the MuDanYuan: 牡丹园的花园饭店。

Thank you! Please give me the receipt: 我需要发票,谢谢!

Airport Express Train, Subway and Walk:

There is an Airport Express Train from Beijing Capital Airport to Dongzhimen (Terminals 2 and 3) that takes about 10 minutes and goes in 10-minute intervals. A one-way ticket costs about $4 (25CNY). Get off at Dongzhimen (final stop) for the Jinghsi Hotel and Holiday Inn and one stop earlier, at Sanyuanqiao, for the Garden Hotel:

Jinghsi Hotel and Holiday Inn: the nearest subway station is Jishuitan. To get to Jishuitan subway station, take the train to Dongzhimen (connecting to lines 2 and 13) and take the west-bound subway (line 2) for four stops. The walk from Jishuitan station to either hotel takes about 20 minutes.

Garden Hotel, the nearest subway station is Mudanyuan (line 10). To get to Mudanyuan station, take the train to Sanyuanqiao (connecting to line 10) and take the west-bound subway (line 10) for 7 stops. The Garden Hotel is only about 5 minutes walk away from Mudanyuan station.

Airport Shuttle Bus and Taxi:
Take an Airport Shuttle Bus  (line 4) to Ma Dian Xiao (also called Madian Bridge) Station (about $3, 21 CNY) and then take a taxi (about $3, 21 CNY)).

Car Rental is not recommended due to traffic and limited parking


Location of Hotels and BNU Conference Site with Maps

Jinghsi Hotel:
19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing
South-East corner of BNU campus
Nearest subway: Jishuitan station (line 2)
Telephone: 86-10-588002288

Holiday Inn:
71 Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Less than a block East of the South-East corner of the BNU campus
Nearest subway: Jishuitan station (line 2)
Telephone: 86-10-820655655

Garden Hotel – Haidian:
Garden East Road, Haidian District, Beijing
One block north from the North-East corner of the BNU campus
Nearest subway: Mudanyuan station (line 10)
Telephone: 86-10-62011188

Beijing Normal University (BNU) – Jingshi Hotel

BNU is located in the Haidian District between the second and third ring of Beijing, about 28km from Beijing Capital International Airport. The main buildings for the conference are in the South-East corner of the BNU campus.  Registration will take place in the Jinghsi International Academy Exchange Center, “Jinghsi Hotel” for short - see this map: The nearest subway station is Jishuitan (line 2), which is about 20 minutes walk away.

Printable Maps (PDF)

Holiday Inn, Jingshi Hotel, BNU, Jishuitan Subway

Garden Hotel, Holiday Inn, Jingshi Hotel, BNU, Mudanyuan Subway