Travel Award Application

Psychometric Society Travel Award

Description of the Award
Travel awards support travel to the 2019 International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS 2019) in Santiago, Chile, for graduate students wishing to present their work at the conference. Applications will be judged by the quality of methodological innovation or creative application of statistical analysis to an issue in psychometrics.

The awardees will have their registration fees for IMPS 2019 waived and will receive $500 ($1000 if intercontinental travel is required) to support their travel to the conference.

An overview of past winners can be found here.

Eligible applicants must be graduate students at the time of the conference.

Applications for the award can be made when submitting an abstract for IMPS 2019. The abstract submission deadline is February 15, 2019.

In addition to submitting an abstract, the applicant must submit the following via the abstract submission form (please include both in one document):

  • A cover letter including name, current affiliation, intended date of graduation and contact information (address, telephone, and email)
  • A three-page summary of the research.

Selection Panel
The selection panel will consist of several regular members of the Psychometric Society appointed by the Executive Committee. The candidates will be ranked and the top candidates will receive awards (number of recipients depends on the availability of funds).