Topic Categories for Abstracts

The topic categories for abstracts are:

(APP) Applications
(BSI) Bayesian Statistical Inference
(CAU) Causal Inference and Mediation
(CDA) Categorical Data Analysis
(CTT) Classical Test Theory
(CCC) Classification, Clustering and latent Class Analysis
(CBT) Computer-Based Testing
(DIF) Measurement Invariance and DIF
(ECM) Estimation and Computational Methods
(FAC) Factor Analysis
(FCM) Model Fit, Comparison and Diagnostics
(GAM) Generalized Additive Models and Smoothing
(GLM) Generalized Linear Models
(GRM) Graphical Model
(IRT) Item Response Theory
(LDA) Longitudinal Data Analysis
(MIS) Missing Data
(MDS) Multidimensional Scaling
(MLM) Multilevel/Hierarchical/Mixed Models
(MVA) Multivariate Analysis
(NET) Network Analysis
(ODS) Optimal/Dual Scaling
(PCC) Principal Components and Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods
(PRO) Patient-Reported Outcomes
(RES) Resampling and Simulation Techniques
(SEM) Structural Equation Modeling
(SML) Statistical and Machine Learning
(VAL) Validity and Reliability