Symposium Proposal

Proposal for a Symposium at IMPS 2019

To apply to organize and chair a symposium at IMPS 2019 in Santiago, please email a proposal the chair of the Program Committee before February 15, 2019.  Please also ask each presenter to submit their abstract online (deadline February 15) and to specify the symposium title and the name of the chair/organizer at the time of abstract submission. Please also remind presenters that they may only present one talk or poster, but they can of course appear as co-authors on several.

The proposal should include the following:

  1. Name, affiliation, and email contact of the organizer and chair
  1. Title for the symposium of no more than 10 words
  1. A rationale of no more than 500 words that motivates the topic and explains how the  presentations complement each other
  1. Information about 4-5 presentations:
    1. Author(s) with affiliation(s) and email contacts
    2. Presenting author and confirmation that the author is planning to attend the conference
    3. Title of no more than 10 words
    4. Abstract of no more than 250 words (see also guidelines for abstracts)

Before preparing a full proposal, it may be advisable to ask for feedback from the Program Committee by emailing the title, rationale and potential speakers to the chair, Francis Tuerlinckx,