Psychometrika 80th Anniversary

80th Anniversary of Psychometrika in 2016

Psychometrika Birthday CakeThe 80th Anniversary of Psychometrika was celebrated at IMPS 2016 in Asheville, NC, with three special Psychometrika Anniversary Sessions, chaired by Willem Heiser, Lawrence Hubert, and Irini Moustaki. Springer helped us celebrate during an evening reception by providing the special Psychometrika cake shown on the left (photo by Dr. Pieter Kroonenberg)!

Below you can download articles and presentations about ten citation classics published in Psychometrika that were provided by Willem Heiser, Lawrence Hubert, and presenters in their Psychometrika Anniversary Sessions at IMPS 2016.

Read A Creation Narrative for the Psychometric Society and Psychometrika: In the Beginning There Was Paul Horst (by Willem Heiser and Lawrence Hubert) and look at photographs of past editors.