IMPS 2017 Special Sessions

Invited Symposia

Response times for measurement and understanding
Organizer: Paul De Boeck, The Ohio State University & KU Leuven
Presenters: Dylan Molenaar, Chun Wang, Frank Goldhammer, Paul De Boeck

Intensive longitudinal data
Organizers: Ellen Hamaker, Utrecht University, and Ted Walls, University of Rhode Island
Presenters: Francis Tuerlinkx, Manuel Volkle, Ellen Hamaker, Ted Walls

Response bias in international large-scale assessments – Methodological approaches
Organizers: Matthias von Davier (Chair), National Board of Medical Examiners, and Lale Khorramdel, Educational Testing Service
Presenters: Lale Khorramdel, Thorsten Meiser, Ricardo Primi, Steffi Pohl, Artur Pokropek

Big data analysis in cognitive assessment and latent variable models
Organizer: Jingchen Liu, Columbia University
Presenters: Jingchen Liu, Yunxiao Chen, Xiaoou Li, William Revelle

The replicability crisis: Diagnosis, etiology, and treatments
Organizer: Jelte Wicherts, Tilburg University
Presenters: Elise Crompvoets, Rink Hoekstra, Jelte Wicherts, Ulf Böckenholt

Never waste a good crisis: Towards responsible data management
Organizer: Klaas Sijtsma, Tilburg University
Presenters: Jelte Wicherts, Francis Tuerlinckx, Irini Moustaki, Klaas Sijtsma


Discussion symposium

Psychometrics and psychological science
Organizer: Paul De Boeck, The Ohio State University & KU Leuven
Discussants: Elsbeth Stern, Han van der Maas, Alberto Maydeu-Olivares, Carolin Strobl, David Thissen


Special Talk

After the PISA 2000 debacle in Switzerland: Lessons learned and measures taken
Presenters: Martin J. Tomasik and Stéphanie Berger, Institute for Educational Evaluation, Affiliated Institute with the University of Zurich