IMPS 2017 Conference Childcare

It is now 100% certain that we will be able to offer childcare at IMPS 2017 in Zurich. On this page, you will find information on how the childcare will work.

The costs for the conference childcare will be mainly covered by a grant we have received from the Swiss National Foundation to promote the participation of scientists with children. The parents only need to pay a registration fee of $50 USD per child. 

The IMPS conference childcare will be open during all times of the scientific program (including the short courses on Monday), with flexible drop-off and pickup times. It will be located in a building very close to the conference venue. 

The conference childcare will be organized by the kihz Foundation, which runs all daycare centers and kindergartens for the University and ETH Zurich. For our event, kihz provides qualified personnel, materials for playing, handicrafts etc., and catering.

The conference childcare is open to children of all ages, including infants. Depending on the number and ages of the children, there will be two or more caregivers who have been professionally trained. The caregiver in charge, and most likely also the other caregivers, will be the same for the entire week. The caregivers all speak German and English, and potentially other languages too, and have experience with children coming from many different countries. 

The conference childcare will be organized in a building of the University of Zurich neighboring the main building, where the conference takes place. There will be two adjacent rooms, so that one room can be used for the nap time of the younger children, and there will be a bathroom closeby. The children will be served a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon, as well as lunch. 


If you have registered for the conference childcare:

Stop by at the conference childcare on Monday or Tuesday morning to check in, even if you only want to bring in your child later or on other days. This will help the caregivers plan the week for the entire group. When parents first bring their children to the conference childcare, they will also fill in another little questionnaire from the kihz Foundation about the children's habits and any special needs. 

After the first check-in, drop-off and pickup times can be arranged with the caregivers individually. Depending on the number and ages of the children and the agreement of the parents, they might take little trips to the neighboring garden of the kihz daycare center or to the zoo, in which case they will also agree on a specific pickup time with the parents. 

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your children in Zurich!