Call for Abstracts IMPS 2020

The Psychometric Society invites you to submit an abstract for an individual oral presentation, individual poster presentation, or symposium for IMPS 2020.

This year IMPS is using new software to collect abstracts and to help organize our conference program. All abstract submissions will occur through the weblink: The deadline for all submissions is February 15, 2020.

An individual oral presentation is an approximately 15-minute lecture-style presentation having one or more authors. The individual oral presentations will be organized into sessions of approximately five presentations based on topic similarity. An individual poster presentation is a poster-style presentation having one or more authors. The individual poster presentations will occur concurrently over an approximately two-hour period at a special poster session during the conference. The poster session occurs at a time at which no other conference sessions are running.

symposium is a group of talks that will appear in one session, and are brought together by a symposium organizer. For each submitted symposium, the symposium organizer should first submit a symposium overview abstract. This abstract should provide a brief (<250 words) description of the overarching theme of the presentations to be included in the symposium as well as the last names of the symposium presenters for each talk. The only author listed for the symposium overview submission abstract should be the symposium organizer.

For the separate talks that will be included in the symposium, the presenters are asked to submit their abstracts individually through the Ex Ordo system as symposium presentation submissions. As a part of the submission process, each presenter will have the opportunity to provide the name of the symposium organizer for the presentation so that the corresponding symposium for the submission can be identified. If submitting a symposium presentation, please be sure to identify the name of the symposium organizer for the presentation. The symposium organizer is responsible for ensuring that all presenters submit their abstracts by the submission deadline. The acceptance decision for a symposium will apply to all presentations included in the submitted symposium.

As in previous years, there will also be a competition for a limited number of student travel awards. Travel awards support travel to the International Meeting of the Psychometric Society for graduate students wishing to present their work at the conference. Applications will be judged by the quality of methodological innovation or creative application of statistical analysis to an issue in psychometrics. The awardees will have their registration fees waived and will receive funds to support their travel to the conference. Eligible applicants must be graduate students at the time of the conference. In addition to submitting an abstract, the applicant must upload the following in a single separate .pdf or .doc/.docx file where requested in the Ex Ordo system:

• A cover letter including name, current affiliation, intended date of graduation, and contact information (address, telephone number, and email address)
• A three-page summary of the research. 

The selection panel will consist of several regular members of the Psychometric Society appointed by the Executive Committee. The candidates will be ranked and the top three will receive awards (possibly more depending on the availability of funds). 

If your submission is selected for presentation, you must register and pay registration fees by April 1, 2020. This includes all symposium presenters. Individuals who have not registered by this date will be removed from the conference program.

Additional details regarding IMPS 2020 will be posted to the society website and be updated as the conference draws closer. Please address any questions regarding the submission process to

We hope to see you at IMPS 2020!