Beijing Welcome Letter

Dear Attendee:

As local organizers of this year’s International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS), we cordially welcome you to Beijing, China, and the campus of Beijing Normal University.

The city of Beijing , which was founded 3000 years ago, is the capital of China. It is the political, economic, academic, and cultural center of the country. Tradition and modern civilization are well integrated in this beautiful city. BNU is conveniently located between the second and third ring of the city, and the campus is beautiful and ideal for hosting an international conference. We think you’ll agree that it provides an excellent setting for our annual meeting.

The conference will occur at three facilities on campus: Jingshi Hotel, which will be the site of conference meetings and the location for conference registration; Yingdong Building, which will host our plenary sessions. Jingshi Xuetang, which will be another venue for concurrent meetings.

The main conference will run from July 13 through July 16. It will begin at 8:30am on Monday July 13 in Yingdong Building, with an opening ceremony and keynote address. It will end with a full day excursion on Thursday, July 16, to Great Wall, Summer Palace. Conference sessions will take place through the day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Pre-conference Chinese short courses will be held on July 11 and English ones on July 12, with full day short courses covering a wide topics of methodological and statistical issues in psychology, education, and related areas.

While you’re in Beijing, we hope you will take time to enjoy the city’s beauty, old and young, full of attractions. It is our sincere wish that you will enjoy the intermingling of traditional Beijing culture and the city’s impressively modern image and make the best of your time here.

Enjoy the meeting and your stay in Beijing!

Tao Xin   Hongyun Liu  

Co-Local Organizers for the 2015 IMPS meeting