Abstract Guidelines

Abstract text and title

Abstracts must be in English and cannot be more than 250 words long. The title should be at most 10 words long. Do not include equations in the abstract and keep the use of symbols to a minimum. The abstract can contain in-text citations, e.g. “(Smith et al., 2015)”, but cannot include a list of references. Use an ampersand “&” for lists of authors, e.g. "Smith & Jones." Proofread your abstract carefully before submitting it, both to facilitate the review process and to make your abstract “print-ready” for the abstract book.

Abstracts will be submitted by pasting text into the submission form. It will not be possible to upload a document, such as Word or PDF. The title and the names of the authors will be asked for separately and should not be included in the abstract text. You will be asked to choose a “Topic Category” for your abstract. Several categories may be appropriate. Please choose the most descriptive label to help the program committee sort abstracts into sessions.

The title and abstract should be in lower case letters, except:

  • The first letter of the title
  • The first letter after a colon
  • The first letter of names of people (e.g., “Bayes” or “Rasch” or “Akaike”) countries, cities, languages, etc. (e.g., “China”)
  • The names of studies, such as “German National Educational Panel Study”
  • Acronyms, such as “MCMC” or “MLE”
  • Definitions of acronyms, such as "Item Response Theory (IRT)" or "MultiDimensional Scaling (MDS)"

Presenter and authors

The abstract submission form asks whether the abstract is for a talk or poster. The person given under “Lead Presenter” must be the presenter of the talk or poster and will also be listed as the first author in the abstract book. “Co-Presenter 1” is the second author, etc. List all authors of the abstract in the correct order together with their affiliations (university/company/or similar and country, but not city or department), taking care with the spelling and any international characters to ensure that the names and affiliations appear correctly in the abstract book. The given name should come first (e.g., “Peter”), followed by the family name or surname (e.g. "Bentler"), and titles, such as “Dr.” or “Prof.”, or degrees, such as “Ph.D.” should not be included.


A symposium is a group of talks that appear in one session, brought together by a symposium organizer. See here for information on how to apply for a symposium.

Symposium presenters are asked to submit their abstracts individually and to indicate that their talk is part of a symposium at the time of abstract submission. They will be asked to give the title of the symposium and the name of the symposium organizer.

Will the abstract be published?

All accepted abstracts will be published in an online abstract book at the time of the conference.

There will also be a Conference Proceedings (a book to be published in time for the next IMPS), and you will be asked whether you plan to submit a full paper for this book after the conference. See here for more information.