80th Anniversary of Psychometric Society: History to Explore!

To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Psychometric Society, new pages about the society's history have been created, such as a Timeline, pictures and information on all past Editors of Psychometrika and all 80 Presidents of the Psychometric Society, and several 80th Anniversary Posters for download.

For a brief history of the origins of the society and links to all historic information available on the website, see the History Page.

Who is the man in the picture? If you do not know the answer, you should explore the new history pages referred to above. Albert K. Kurtz was one of the six co-founders of the society. In fact, the society was his idea. He was founding editor of Psychometrika, together with Paul Horst, and has been  the longest-serving editor of Psychometrika.

The pages were created by the Website Taskforce: Francis Tuerlinckx, Ed Merkle, Alice Brawley, and Sophia Rabe-Hesketh. The photo of Albert K. Kurtz was extracted from a 1950 group photo provided by Penn State University Archives.