2017 Grant Opportunity

The Psychometric Society is devoted to the advancement of quantitative measurement practices in psychology, education and the social sciences.  The Society invites proposals for small grants that expand or support the mission of the society.   Of particular interest are proposals that benefit the Society or more broadly promote the field to a wider scientific community.  These grants are not intended for basic psychometric research, but rather activities that might not be funded from typical funding sources.

Any member of the Psychometric Society is eligible to apply.  Graduate students must have an advisor who is also a member of the Psychometric Society.  

The size and duration of the grant is contingent upon the needs of the project and the availability of funds.  The maximum total grant is $10,000.  The duration of a grant can be up to 2 years.  The funds can be used for activities and materials that directly support the proposed work, but will not cover indirect costs.

A one to two page letter of intent or pre-proposal is required that includes a brief statement of the goals and purpose of the activities to be funded.  The letter of intent is due September 1.  If the goals of the proposal are in line with the program aims, then a full proposal will be invited and due November 1.

Invited full proposals should be no more than 10 pages and should include:

  • Clear statement of the goals of the project
  • A description of the work and how it expands or supports the mission of the society
  • A description of deliverables and/or dissemination plan
  • If appropriate, approval of the project from the PI’s institutional review board (IRB)
  • A timeline for the proposed work
  • A budget and justification.  

The primary person undertaking the project should submit a CV along with the narrative of the proposed work.  If the primary person proposing and undertaking the work is a graduate student, a letter of support from their research supervisor(s) is required.

Letters of intent and proposals should be submitted online by using this link

The letters and proposals will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees.  The Board may also solicit proposals from the members to meet a specific need of the Society.  The applicants can expect a decision by January 7th.

For grants whose duration extend beyond one year, a financial report is requested at the end of the first year.  The PI is obligated to submit a summary report within one month upon completion of the award. This report can have the form of a draft paper.  The PI is highly encouraged to present their work at IMPS and to acknowledge the grant as (one of) the funding sources for the work. 

Questions about this grant program can be sent Carolyn Anderson at cja@illinois.edu.